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I extracted 34 acquisition channels from 370+ startup interviews. The results will be published as a book, called "Channelology: How 370+ Startups Used 34 Marketing Channels to Acquire New Customers". Click on the "Notify me" button below to get notified when the book is published.

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Some of the channels that will be covered:

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The power of cold email

Learn from the experience of 35+ startups who tried this tactic. We'll discover how personalized outreach helped a user onboarding business land their first customer, how a trainer management software reached zumba instructors and much more.

We'll also explore some of the patterns I've noticed while analyzing startups who tried cold outreach. For what kind of businesses is cold email likely to work and why?

The power of a simple link

Say you decide to embed a live chat software on your website. You'll most likely notice a small "powered by [LiveChatSoftwareName]" when you embed it successfully.

We'll discover why these links are more powerful than you think, and how 34 startups used it as their primary growth channel.

The Power of a Simple Answer

Quora is the biggest Q&A site on the planet. We'll discover how a social media scheduling software drives consistent traffic & leads via Quora.

We'll cover 20 startups and their experiences on posting on Quora. What worked, and more importantly, what didn't.

Writing content is not enough anymore

We have 18 interesting examples to cover here. How a platform for graphic design contests used an interactive guide to get links and grow traffic. How a video meme creator tool used a bunch of small tools (poster generator, video resizer and so on) as their primary growth channel.

Communities are great early adopters

I was surprised to find out that over 24 different startups mentioned Facebook groups as a great way to get early adopters.

We'll cover how they did it, where they posted, and some tips on how to do this yourself for your niche.

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